Includes climate-controlled Suite with private grassed backyard plus two group playtimes daily.

Standard Suite:
$35 / 1 Dog
$20 for each additional dog in the same Suite
Large Suite:
$55 / 1 Dog
$20 for each additional dog in the same Suite


Includes at least two group playtimes daily. These daycare charges also apply for check-outs after 12noon.

$20 / 1 Dog
$10 for each additional dog from the same family


Bathing $20 and up
Individual/family only playtime $10/day
Walk on leash (15 min) $10
Food NOT provided by owner $3/day



All suites at Katy Dog Suites are climate-controlled inside and each guest is provided with a comfortable raised bed on which to rest. A doggie-door leads out to an individual GRASSED backyard, allowing your dog to feel more at home with unlimited outdoor access. The doggie-door we use in all our suites is our own design and is gentle enough for even the smallest breed to go in and out.

We have two size options available in our Suites:
Standard Suite – Indoor area 5′ x 5′, Outdoor area – 5′ x 20′
Large Suite – Indoor area 10′ x 5′, Outdoor area – 10′ x 20′

Suites outside
Private grassed backyards in every Suite
Large suite inside
Inside a Large Suite
Standard suite outside
Private grassed backyard in a Standard Suite
Standard suite inside
Inside a Standard Suite
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While we do not have a strict weight limit for the Standard Suites, we recommend that dogs over 100lbs or families with multiple medium/large dogs would be much more comfortable in our Large Suites.

For owners with more than 1 dog, we have multiple dog discounts which apply only if all dogs stay in the same suite.

We ask that all owners bring their own food for their pets. Keeping your pet on the same diet they are used to while you are away prevents an upset stomach. We do charge an additional daily amount if you do not bring your own food for your pet.

Our staff can administer oral medications for your dog at no extra charge. Any medications your dog requires should be provided in their original packaging, with instructions intact.

Our boarding rates include 2 group playtimes daily. Playmates are selected for your dog taking into account size, temperament and activity levels. Participation in our group based playtime is strongly encouraged as it allows dogs to develop social skills with one another, maintains their physical well being and provides varied mental stimulation. Where requested or deemed necessary by Katy Dog Suites, individual or family-only playtime is also available at an additional charge.

Your dog’s comfort and safety is our top priority and so we only board healthy, flea-free, spayed/neutered dogs with current vaccinations.



Are you away from home for extended periods during the day?
Bring your dog to doggie daycare at Katy Dog Suites!
Daycare is ideal for dogs that have high energy levels who may become destructive if left alone for long periods. While at doggie daycare your dog will receive multiple group playtimes to use up all that energy. Your pet will then be assigned a Suite to rest in between (based on availability).


Hurricane Season Policy

During hurricane season (June through October), it is strongly recommended that you provide us with a local emergency contact person that is prepared to pick-up and care for your pet in the event of a hurricane directly impacting the Houston area


Our payment policies are very similar to a hotel…

You are charged for the day you drop your dog off, regardless of the time of day your dog is dropped off.

You are not charged for the day of departure if you pick your dog up before 12 noon. If you pick your dog up after 12 noon, you will be charged a daycare fee. To avoid any additional daycare charges, please pick up your pet before 12noon.


By 12 noon …. No additional charges apply.
After 12 noon …. Daycare charges apply – See daycare rates

Please note that we are open between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Appointments made before 8am or after 5pm are at the manager’s discretion and may incur an additional charge.


The deposit required to book during a holiday or peak period is $60 per Suite.

Any booking that falls into the peak or holiday periods below will be subject to a holiday deposit, which will then be deducted from your final bill. Holiday deposits are strictly NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE – no exceptions. Your booking is confirmed only once we have received your deposit.

Please note:

  • A minimum 3 night stay applies to all peak period and holiday bookings.
  • If a dog is picked up earlier than their intended stay, the owner will still be charged for the length of stay booked.

Peak and Holiday Periods for 2021

Spring Break 2021: Friday March 12 – Monday March 22
Easter 2021: Friday April 2 – Monday April 5
Memorial Day 2021: Friday May 28 – Tuesday June 1
Independence Day 2021: Friday July 2 – Monday July 5
Labor Day 2021: Friday September 3 – Tuesday September 7
Thanksgiving 2021: Wednesday November 24 – Monday November 29
Christmas 2021: Thursday December 23 – Monday January 3, 2022


For the health of all guests staying at Katy Dog Suites, your dog’s vaccinations must be current. Proof of vaccination records from your vet is required before or on the day of arrival. We will accept faxed or emailed records from the veterinary office. It is the owner’s responsibility to obtain and provide proof of vaccinations.

Owners are strongly encouraged to keep their pet current with preventative flea and tick treatment. Dogs boarded at Katy Dog Suites participate in group playtime and may pass on fleas or ticks to one another if they are not on a preventative treatment.
As such, Katy Dog Suites accepts no responsibility if fleas or ticks are discovered on your dog when they are picked up.

Required Vaccinations

Canine Rabies – 1yr or 3yr vaccine is acceptable.
DHPP – this is a combination of Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvo Virus. 1yr or 3yr vaccine is acceptable.
Bordetella – an annual vaccination is acceptable, but every 6 months is recommended.
RECOMMENDED Canine Influenza (H3N2, H3N8) – an annual vaccination is acceptable.
RECOMMENDED Leptospirosis – an annual vaccination is acceptable.